Owner of Priority Search INc. Rod Smith

Our Founder

Rod C. Smith, CEO/Strategic-Partner

Priority Search Inc. was founded by Rod C. Smith, with the aspiration to help people reach their personal and professional goals, assist job seekers in finding meaningful work and provide businesses the workforce resources necessary to succeed. He held steadfast to his values and set forth to accomplish his vision with an emphasis on service excellence. These principles are the foundational pillars upon which Priority Search Inc. has grown and thrived in the staffing industry. It is imperative to Rod that we maintain the same level of personalized care, commitment to our core values, and devotion to our mission; even as it continues to expand across the United States. 

Prior to becoming a Strategic-Partner, I was a Technical Recruiter for MRI for 3 years specializing in Manufacturing, Automotive and Aerospace technologies. Throughout my career, I effectively developed and led teams to meet key performance objectives in diverse, fast-paced and ever-changing economic and regulatory environments.

My broad-based background has taught me that staffing is about much more than putting a body in a position. To drive clients’ success, I apply my experience to: discern operational concerns; review tactics and logistics opportunities to help overcome workforce and hiring challenges; and be a consultative partner.

Our Mission
“Consistently provide client experiences focused on what they value most.”
At Priority Search Inc. it’s all about you. Whether you’re an entry level worker or a
senior executive, an HR Manager or a front-line supervisor, our goal is to
understand what matters to you – your goals, your priorities, your success. Our
locally owned offices seek to understand your needs and track results, measure
feedback and keep it personal. Everything we do is designed to serve you better,
and our ten years of being recognized as among the top .5% in the industry tell us
we are doing something right.

Our Values


We believe in sound principles, honesty, and sincerity.


We build everything around being “A Trusted Partner®.”


We do what we say we’ll do.


We respect our clients, associates, and each other.


We’re forward-thinking and adapt to our business environment.

About Priority Search Inc.

Industries served

We source highly talented individuals in Manufacturing, Aerospace, Automotive, Materials and Analysis and highly technical Electronics. 

Priority Search About CEO Rod Smith

What makes us unique
We are a group of staffing professionals with diverse talents who take a niche approach to staffing: leveraging the resources of a national firm, coupled with the personal service only a local agency can provide.

Mission-driven to “Consistently provide client experiences focused on what they value most,” we meet with employers to understand their specific workforce and hiring needs, and then design solutions to overcome their challenges and achieve their business goals. Our candidates and associates are “clients” too; our recruiters work hard to connect job seekers with opportunities that provide the flexibility, challenge and compensation they desire.